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  • Games For Windows – Podcast

    Games for Windows is hosting an audio interview they did with me during GDC: Welcome to GFW Radio, the podcast homepage for Games for Windows: The Official Magazine. Here, through the glorious magic of the Internet, you can listen to the GFW editors and occasional guests pontificate and yammer about all sorts of PC game related issues. […]

  • Danger – I Made This!

    An interview on Gamasutra today posed some interesting questions, including: American McGee On Creative Outsourcing GS: What do you think “American McGee Presents:” in front of a game title means in the minds of gamers? AM: That depends on the gamer. I’ve seen positive and negative responses. For the “fans,” I think they have come […]

  • It’s All Around You – Animated Short

    A great little animation highlighting the ridiculous nature of fear. Thanks to Jacob for the link: It’s All Around You – Animated Short An original animated short created specifically for the Final Destination 3: Thrill Ride Edition DVD. This sort of thinking is what Bad Day LA is based on. The idea that people worry […]

  • Controversial ‘BDLA’ One Of Few Video Games To Tackle War On Terror

    Take that war on terror! Although sometimes tells me the war will hardly notice: MTV News “I’ve had a unique perspective being American for the last 12 or 13 years, traveling the world,” he said. “I introduce myself. I say my name is American, and it used to be it didn’t matter where I went: […]

  • Anti-American

    Love it or hate it, people certainly have strong feelings about the demo. And, as you can see be some of the comments being made, they have pretty strong feelings about me personally. I guess that’s to be expected when a guy puts his name on top of everything he makes. A couple of thoughts […]

  • Awful Day LA

    What can I say… Something Awful: The Internet Makes You Stupid Just as Alice took existing material and showed a lack of creativity by dumbing down and “darkening” an already dark tale, Bad Day LA stubs its toe on the foundation laid by South Park. It has a simplistic style, it has politics, it has […]