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  • Bad Day LA – Fan Site & Terrorist Weapon

    Wow, that was fast! A BDLA fan site… and not bad looking either. Check it out Also, stay tuned, we’ll be launching the official BDLA website soon. In order to help build awareness during E3 we decided to hand out “terrorist weapons”. These were nail clippers that were manufactured in mainland China, had our BDLA…

  • Bad Day LA in the Hollywood Reporter

    The Hollywood Reporter ran a nice article on Bad Day LA today. We’ll be launching the website and releasing more info on the game soon… so stay tuned!

  • Bad Day LA – First Look

    Gamespot is running a first look of Bad Day LA featuring an interview with me along with screenshots of the game. Bad Day LA is my latest game project currently in development with Enlight in Hong Kong. Now that we’ve made the first announcement expect to see more updates on the project here and through…

  • Bad Day LA

    Production on “Bad Day LA” is underway at Enlight’s studios in Hong Kong. An official launch of the product will be coming in the early months of 2005.