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17 responses to “Contacting Me”

  1. I just heard about Alice 2, and I gotta say man, Thank you Thank you Thank you a thousand times Thank you!! Alice was the best game of all time, and will remain that, unless you trump it with this one. You made this gamer so happy I could cry.

    Thank you for doing what you do.


  2. I just want to say thank you for creating such an amazing, immersive gaming experience 10 years ago, and thank you also for returning to it. I can`t tell you how much I`ve enjoyed this game, and am happy that there will finally be a continuation of it.

    Compared with so many other re-interpretations of famous novels or comics into other mediums of entertainment, I felt your game really was made to be something original, yet balanced fully being new as well as building on the source material. I wait with confidence that you will do the same for the next game, and will purchase it as soon as it comes out.

    I do have hope, not a request, just a hope, that one of my favorite features of the first game will be used again for this one. One of the things that really completed the experience for me was the music, especially the use of the samples voices and bits of choir in the background. I have to admit I am a fan of choir though, and if used correctly can make a game or movie, especially in the horror genre, really shine. I felt this helped to make the game more atmoshperic, and with the advances in technology this could be implemented even better.

    Anyway, that`s just my wish. I`m sure the final product will be amazing. Oh, and if you could bring back the jack-in-the-box bomb, that would be awesome. haha

  3. I really loved the game Alice Madness Returns. I really hope you make some more games like this :). Also what happened to the idea of making Alice into a movie?

  4. First I wanted to say thank you Mr. McGee for making these wonderful games. When I first saw your game it was on a shelf in a bookstore my family frequented, I was only 8 at the time but I remember being hypnotized by the artwork on the case I would always stare at it whenever we went in. Needless to say I wasn’t able to get it until I was much older, but all the same I fell in love with Alice and her attitude and immediately bought the 2nd upon it’s release. My question is will there be a 3rd game for Alice and if so how many years can we expect to wait for it? Also I would like to second the motion for the jack-in-the-box bomb 🙂

  5. Hi American, I just found out about Steam Greenlight and I would love to see Alice on Steam for Mac and PC. It’s such a classic game, one that I have always enjoyed for its creativity, soundtrack and gameplay. By putting it on Steam you can reach a new audience and selfishly… you will be making it easier for people like me to play again even as new computers come out that might not support the game as well as the ones that were around when it came out. Thanks again! More on Steam Greenlight at

  6. Hi American McGee’s.
    I would like to learn from you, whether you think of creation of continuations to such games as Scrapland and Bad Day L.A???

  7. I would personally like to say that Alice 2 was the best sequel to a game ever. I had High expectations for that game and you did not fail to meet them.

    My question is have you ever considered using Kickstarter to help fund your game ‘OZ’?
    I know myself and many others would be glad to put our hard earned cash into this project.

    Thanks for reading this!


  8. Hi, American McGee 🙂
    I loved alice and madness returns, hands down one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen. Sadly i haven’t been able to play the game mostly because i cant purchase item online. When i was little and my parents would read me Alice in Wonderland i always thought it was a perfectly fine fairy tale. But as i got older i began to think there just was something not right about that story, something that just didn’t add up. I began searching for other versions of Alice in Wonderland and that’s when i stumbled upon your first alice game. And all of the pieces came together, a much darker twisted version of the same fairy tale. Alice Madness Returns was better than i ever imagined, the scenery was beautifully dark and twisted, and the game was just physiologically horrifying.

    Anyways the last thing i have to say is thank you for creating such wonderful games. And i really hope you make another game sometime soon maybe one based on Hansel and Gretel?

  9. I remember, in one of your interviews a while ago, that you wanted to be the twisted/darker version of Walt Disney. That being said, will you be making other games from childhood fairy tales, such as red ridding hood, snow white, beauty and the beast, and so on but in a twisted way like you made with Alice and Alice Returns?

    I’m really curious and excited from the thought that you could make a twisted series of childhood fairy tales!

  10. American McGee,
    It is obvious with EA’s lack of immediate acceptance of your newest projects (I’m referring to Alice: Otherlands and OZombie- please change this back to Oz or something without Zombie-) that EA believes they will not be lucrative. I am here to 1) point out that the users are most important in determining the value of a game and not the professional reviewers, and 2) Metacritic is an example of how the majority of users love your games rather than view it as mediocre. You MUST push for Alice 3 and definitely your Oz project, although I think calling it OZombie is a bit off. Call it something more brief and concise, such as American McGee’s Oz or something similar. Anyways, you are in my mind another type of Tim Burton or Disney, only much more twisted. Continue to express your artistic self using video games as a medium, and push for cinematic yet open and expansive experiences. I loved the cinematic portions of Alice: Madness returns.

  11. Hey! I just wanna say that Alice: Madness Returns is the best game ever. I played it last year for the first time and I really like it. I hope there will be Alice game 3 something like “Alice: Madness is back” hahaha. Also, I have got some great ideas for 3 chapters.
    Stay awesome!!
    Greetings from Serbia

  12. Hello Mr Mcgee,

    I am a huge fan of Your Alice trillogy and I was simply wondering if you or anyone are thinking of doing a remake of ‘Madness Returns’ for new Ps4/Xbox one? I would love to be able to play it on my ‘next gen’ console!

    Thank you ,

    Thomas Sykes

  13. Glad to hear you enjoy the Alice games. EA controls what happens with the games, so if you want to see a remake you’ll need to ask EA.

  14. Real big fan of AMR, your portrayal of osdd (other specified dissociative disorder), or even maladaptive day dreaming is on par if not better than any mental health based game I have ever played, and as a person with dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder in layman’s) would you ever create a game about a character with DID? I imagine you would likely be the absolute most acurate in that sort of field.

    -Destiny Leanne

  15. Hey man. You make amazing games. We really need Alice 3. The world needs it. Theres a great demand for it in the community!
    Best regards from Sweden!