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  • Crooked House Interview is running an interview with your truly where I talk about our new iPhone division Spicy Pony, their second game app “Crooked House” and the iPhone/iPad platform in general.

  • “Crooked House” Review @ iPhone Life

    Nate Adcock over at iPhone Life Magazine was kind enough to post a review of “American McGee’s Crooked House”. Though admittedly not a typical fan of puzzle game apps, Nate finds some compelling elements to our wicked little app anyway.

  • 148apps Reviews Crooked House

    Spicy Pony’s latest iPhone game “Crooked House” has, since launch, received praise and attention beyond expectation – but the just-posted review over at cements for me the success of the concept with gamers and critics alike.

  • “Crooked House” Review @ Techland

    Peter Ha over at Techland has posted a mini-review of “American McGee’s Crooked House” inside a feature on “Top 10 Hottest iPhone Games Right Meow”.

  • Crooked House Review

    Matt over at no dpad has posted a review of Spicy Pony’s latest iPhone release “American McGee’s Crooked House”. He’s got a lot of good stuff to say about our devious little puzzle game.

  • Crooked House iPhone Game

    Spicy Pony is proud to announce the release of their second game app for iPhone: American McGee’s Crooked House. It’s a puzzle game so devious it’ll make you squeak with fright. Based on one of the best loved nursery rhymes of all time, “There Was a Crooked Man”