Crooked House Interview

DexIQ iPad Test Screen

DexIQ iPad Screen is running an interview with yours truly where I talk about our new iPhone division Spicy Pony, their second game app “Crooked House” and the iPhone/iPad platform in general. From the interview:

Where did the idea for Crooked House come from?

We’ve been playing with a number of well-known fairy tales, trying to see which is most appropriate for the platform. Currently, the team has a demo of Red Riding Hood and ideas for Jack in the Beanstalk — among other things. The story and setting of the “Crooked House” rhyme seemed to lend itself neatly to a tilt-based puzzle game. So far the positive reviews and sales data seem to support that idea.

As mentioned in the interview the Spicy Pony team is working on an iPad version of DexIQ (see image above), which will feature 2 player head-to-head action on one screen. There’s an iPad version of Crooked House in the works as well – with high-res graphics and a bunch of cool new features. I’ll keep you posted on release timing.

Check out the rest of the article HERE.
Check out Crooked House on the App Store HERE.


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