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  • Crooked House iPhone Game

    Spicy Pony is proud to announce the release of their second game app for iPhone: American McGee’s Crooked House. It’s a puzzle game so devious it’ll make you squeak with fright. Based on one of the best loved nursery rhymes of all time, “There Was a Crooked Man”

  • American McGee’s Frogger?

    According to Joystiq I’m working on a dark and twisted version of Frogger. Who knew?

  • Kotaku: Grimm’s “Clever, fun, twisted”

    Kotaku says: Grimm has a great, simple graphical style but don’t let that make you think it’s a game for kids. This is a very twisted world and the game will have an M rating. The humor is quite black and may have some players scratching their heads but those of you with a sick…