Kotaku: Grimm’s “Clever, fun, twisted”

Butcher Portrait

Butchered? Not this piggy!!

Being avid readers of Kotaku and well aware of their tendency towards critical butchering, it was with bated breath and whisp’ring humbleness we awaited their hands on preview of Grimm Episode 1. Well, the preview is in… and the response is… GOOD!

Here’s a snippet from the article:

Grimm has a great, simple graphical style but don’t let that make you think it’s a game for kids. This is a very twisted world and the game will have an M rating. The humor is quite black and may have some players scratching their heads but those of you with a sick sense of humor will absolutely love it. The keyboard and mouse controls are simple and easy to use but if you tend towards the controller, you can use any USB controller at your disposal (including the 360’s). Each episode is short and can be completed straight through in about 30 minutes, but there are plenty of reasons to go back and replay the levels including secret items, power-ups, beating your time and the simple pleasure of seeing everything turn scary.

I’m glad to see Grimm continuing to receive praise in previews. The development team here in Shanghai is also quite happy – deservedly so. They’ve put an amazing amount of creativity and passion into the project, and it shows. Grimm production has been a lot of fun, and made all the better by the fact that the game is finding a happy audience.

Read the full Kotaku article here.

I’m just happy our piggy Grimm didn’t get the chop!

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