Two New Mentions

The media response (as we’ve mentioned before) has been enormously positive, and as we inch closer and closer to the release date, we’re bound to see more stories hitting the wires. Try to visit these awesome folks to let THEM know that you’re interested in the game, too, and they’ll be much more inclined to pick up the story quicker on future projects as well (in addition to tracking through all 24 episodes with us). Comment, digg, whatever you need to do.

The first article this morning comes from Wired.Com, where they find our take on fairytales “hilariously gross”. (Couldn’t have said it better.) The second article is from PC.Gamezone.Com.

And don’t forget about Kotaku’s mention about the first episode of Grimm being available for free indefinitely while the others will be free to play for the first 24 hours.

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