It’s All Around You – Animated Short

A great little animation highlighting the ridiculous nature of fear. Thanks to Jacob for the link:

It’s All Around You – Animated Short
An original animated short created specifically for the Final Destination 3: Thrill Ride Edition DVD.

This sort of thinking is what Bad Day LA is based on. The idea that people worry about the big, highly unlikely forms of death more than they should. They allow the fear of terrorist threats, bio-chemical attacks, bird flu, and other media-spread “dangers” to control their lives. People trade their freedoms in exchange for “safety” from what are basically non-threats.

On a recent trip to China one of my expat friends commented to me on the fact that the Chinese government and media work in the exact opposite fashion. If there’s a chemical plant explosion, a plane crash, or a hi-jacked school bus, the media will down-play or even hide the event. The Chinese government forcefully discourages the dissemination of information that would cause panic or “civil unrest” among its population of 1.5 billion.

I guess because the Chinese government already has absolute control they no longer feel the need to rule by fear. Their primary goal now is to maintain stability and peace. For the US, I suppose that’s good news: As soon as the US government is as controlling as the Chinese government, they too will stop using fear as a tool on their own people.


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  1. With all the extremely opinionated Commentators that love to make their best attempts at obliterating your work, not a single one of them can argue with the fact that we are all going to DIE!!!

    So…….why does any comment really even matter?????

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