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  • Pirate Jam – All the Videos!

    Pirate Jam – All the Videos!

    Six developers from around the world are sailing aboard two boats from Lanta to Krabi in Thailand. Along the way they’re exploring, sailing, and making games.

  • American’s Vlogs

    American’s Vlogs

    I’ve started a series of personal VLOGS which cover life in Shanghai, sailing in Thailand, my work at Mysterious, and Pirate Jam.

  • Dev Armada – A Proposal

    Seeking feedback on an idea I’m brainstorming: Hackathon + Sailing + YouTube

  • Adventures in Sailing

    When not making games I engage in a wide range of hobbies, mostly as a humble dilettante: cooking, cello, electronics tinkering, and Chinese language to name a few. By far my favorite activity outside of work is sailing, and since late 2013 I’ve indulged this passion aboard my own sailboat. Details of my various adventures…