Month: March 2005

  • tokyo ho!

    myself and ken wong will be visiting tokyo to do pre-production/research for a new game title. we’re looking for people in tokyo who would be willing to meet up, go out, talk about the city and its culture, and generally be our guides. if you’re living in tokyo and this sounds interesting to you then…

  • advergaming – super jack

    recently game developer digital steamworks was kind enough to work on a proof of concept for a bit of advergaming called “super jack”. the idea here was simply to show a potential client what a game based on their brand might look like. working known brands into viable video game ideas isn’t as simple as…

  • wizards of art

    art director ken wong recently sent me a cool image that i thought i would share. it comes from artist matt rhodes and is a very cool rendition of dorothy meeting with the wizard of oz: