tokyo ho!

myself and ken wong will be visiting tokyo to do pre-production/research for a new game title. we’re looking for people in tokyo who would be willing to meet up, go out, talk about the city and its culture, and generally be our guides. if you’re living in tokyo and this sounds interesting to you then please contact me via email at (the japan trip is over now. thanks to everyone who met with us and helped us out while we were there!)

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  1. I’ll be living in Tokyo from the beginning of 2006 onwards to finish off my
    uni degree (if all things work out well on this end here in Australia).
    If you’re still there by that time/actually producing the game in Japan
    I’m all up for helping in any section of production of the game that I can,
    just to get experience.

    I need to find some sort of course-related workplace experience over there
    (or anywhere in fact, Japan is only one possibility for next year) as part
    of my final semester, and this seems a perfect opportunity! I’ve been
    studying game theory, visual, interactive and communication design, sound
    recording and editing as well as a host of other related units, and am
    friendly and good with pets 😛

    I’ll just post this here, bit too early to bug you by email. If you think
    I could in anyway particpate in the pre/pro/post of the game (e.g. here’s
    your coffee sir) just contact me through my blog or email!

    Brisbane, Australia

  2. You can read about someone who met up with McGee in the UK’s GamesTM Mag (Tokyo column). Tokyo game sounds really cool. Can’t wait to hear more details.

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