Major Alice Movie News

Well, finally something is *happening* with the Alice film! I”m happy too… I think Sarah will make a fine Alice, especially after her performance in The Grudge.

This was announced in the Hollywood Reporter today…

June 21, 2005

Universal to put Gellar in Wonderland

By Borys Kit and John Gaudiosi
Universal Pictures is making “Alice,” an adaptation of video game “American McGee’s Alice,” with Sarah Michelle Gellar attached to star for director Marcus Nispel.

“Alice” is based on the Electronic Arts game created by American McGee, a lead designer of the “Quake” and “Doom” series of games. EA’s game is based on Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” novels, which are in the public domain.

In the game, Alice has grown up to become a disturbed young woman. After her parents are killed in a fire, Alice returns to Wonderland, a dark and threatening place of looking glasses, mysterious potions, nonsensical tea parties and talking animals, confronting her fears and the wicked Queen of Hearts.

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  1. YES!!! Finally after like 5 years of waiting. I hope they don’t back down like Wes Craven did. Hoping Alice would be Christina Ricci though.

  2. Take a look:

    The director is a very important role, let see how it goes…

    I hope not to see some bad adaptation ( as usual ), like mortal kombat, street fighter or resident evil…. Guellar is not bad, but it dosent depend on her, she will do what the director says. Dont forget the music and the CG, plus the history, I will wait and see.

  3. MARLIN MANSON WOULD BE A PERFECT MAD HATTER (im not a manson Freak but just the way he looks would be perfect < ...What do you guys think>

  4. SMG will make a great alice. she looks the part and sort of sounds like alice would. and the director guy will make the movie great, i mean, he DID make the Texas Chainsaw massacre! that movie was gory and suspensful and delicioulsly evily frightening! Hopefully he will do the same thing with Alice. Thank GOD Uwe Boll isn’t making this movie, have you seen his films? i was like ninio please…

  5. I would love to see as much of the game in the movie as possible…I’d hate to see this become just another mindless slasher flick a la Wes Craven’s filmography. I think Annasophia Robb would make a great Alice. She looks cold, has amazing eyes, and unlike Sarah she isn’t far too old to play the role convincingly. Plus she isn’t too well known, having had only one big role (in the recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Violet Beauregarde).

  6. I just let me say how righteous is to have finally heard the word about the movie.Can’t wait to see it,and bestt luck on how everythin turns out! @#$%$%^ HELL YEEEEA/

  7. I don’t see SMG being Alice. I dunno kinda makes me mad….it should be someone who’s not a big actress ya know? That makes the movie too Hollywood. It should be someone near the age of Alice…someone unknown lol. But oh well they better do this game justice!

  8. Oh wow I can’t believe it…my two favirote things to be combined! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven πŸ˜€
    I think Sarah should make an incredible Alice, if she plays her cards right (lol). To those who think she won’t be any good on account of her ‘blonde hair’ – Her hair is naturally dark brown. She’s a bottle- blonde.
    I hope they get some good to be CC’s voice.

  9. hey

    while looking for an alice costume (not just any one, an american mcgee one, or one I could transform to work) I came across your website πŸ™‚

    I am very excited to find that a movie is being made of this wonderful creepy and interesting game. If for some reason Michelle Gellar can’t do the film (not likely) this is one part I would have loved to audition for – it’s rare now a days for characters to actually jump out at me as something I specificly want to audition for.

    Anyhow, you are probably a busy person and I shall wasteno more time. G’lcuk with the proceedings of the film and good job on an interesting and well thought out game. I have to look into some of your other projects eventually.

    I hope all is well

  10. I think it’s a great idea you are turnning American McGee’s Alice: DarkWonderland into a movie, but at the same time i think it is crucial that you choose the appropriate persons to play the roles. Alice is a character that withholds alot of background, personality, and spice. It is kindof funny that I find myself writing this when my intentions were to look for information on Alice, and trying to create a image, character for a Halloween contest I plan to attend.Maybe someone will catch me off gaurd, and the perfect repersentation of Alice will appear?¿

  11. ok, so i played the game years ago. i got it for my birthday. didnt have the right video card, went out and got it that day fell inlove with the game. already inlove with the books, movies and so on even went as mcgees alice for halloween. love it. embrace it. when i found out there was a movie i was so happy. but sarah? i mean, i get it. im still…ok with it. the only problem that i would have is the fact that shes blonde. and i feel that in the expectations i have i might be disapointed. all the same its alice. and that is all that matters.

  12. I am so excited about the movie! A little perturbed about the lagistics, but i am satisfied nonetheless that an ALICE is being made! I really really really DO HOPE that the creator will be working hand-in-hand with the director and people producing this piece of art. They will need the guidance if they wish to do the original justice. I too hope that sara does her best to ‘become’ alice and not ruin her. CAnt wait to see the final product!!! Yippee!!!!

  13. I’m beyond thrilled that Alice is going to be coming out!! I do think that Emily Browning (the little girl from Ghost Ship) would be a much better choice. She can do creepy and looks like Alice. SMG looks like she is in her mid-20s, not 18 years old and I don’t think she could pull it off. Also, the person who did the Chesire Cat voice in the game should be the Chesire Cat in the movie. His voice is awesome for the part.

  14. Sarah Gellar will make an Ok Alice (i hope) but i think she should practice her english accent it sucked when i heard her doing an english accent in Buffy. I hope they get the sets right with the same look and feel which they had in the game. The chesire ctas voice was great in the game and i thought the things he said were cool they should try and get a few of those in the film.

  15. Congratz!! Alice, in my opinion, was total mind candy. I went out and bought a brand new PC when Alice came out just so I could play it (glad I did) Hearing that it finally turned into a movie is even better news. Sarah M G is a great pick for the lead. (Although Clea Duvall would have worked too if you wanted a darker character)

    Please don’t give up on Oz!!! I have been patiently awaiting the release of this game and I’m sure it will fall into place one of these days… With Wicked becoming a world hit, you’d think people would be more interested in the darker side of that which is Oz.

  16. i think it’s awesome that they’re comming out with a movie for the gsame. i always wanted them to do that, but i don’t really like the fact of sarah michelle gellar playing alice’s part. she’s good in buffy and stuff, but i dunno. i think they should’ve gotten someone else?

  17. But..
    Who are the other actors?
    I saw on that the movie’s being filming but…
    Only Sarah is a human actor?
    The rest of the movie’s completely CGI?
    What about the doctor?
    I hope the movie beginsthe same way the game did…

  18. personally, I would’ve went with Christina Ricci as Alice and Tim Burton directing……who voiced the Cat in the game? They need to also voice the movie, I think….. >:D

  19. I think Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to do a fantastic job. As for the Cat, I too would love to see the video game voice talent do the same for the movie. If not, I vote Jeremy Irons or Jason Isaacs.

    They’d better make the Queen and the Hatter absolutely terrifying.

  20. I am really worried about this. I mean, don’t get me wrong I would LOVE to see Alice…DONE CORRECTLY! They’re probably going to have a soundtrack with Slipknot, Dimmu Borgir and metal like that and completely ignore the whole innocence of the movie. It’s the innocence that made the game and it will be the hard core that will ruin the movie. I just hope all goes well.

  21. I think it is about time somebody finally recognized your awesome talents of twisted tales and morbid creatures. I only wish I could play the part of Alice but I’m just a mere college student taking pc animation, *sighs* Oh well. Good luck with the projects.

    P.s check out my myspace online profile if you like, it’s quite interesting…

  22. OMG!!! I LOVE THAT! love you soo much, i just got back into the ALICE craze…i play it, then i break, then i do it again..haha, im back in the swing..god luv yas

  23. *taken from comment on the top of the page* “dumb catch phrases and partially nude versions of alice” if that’s the trade off…. let’s see some nearly nekkid alice/geller bit and pieces!

    honestly, I’m a geller fan, so naturally i could rant about how she’s gonna make the movie great and all, but seriously, i wanna do that as much as ya’ll would want to listen

    so, simply put, i think what with the awesmeness of the game (all hail the steampunk six million dollar doormouse! *if you do not get that reference, you have more of a life than me*) and the coolness of the source material, we may very well be commenting about the video game movie to buck the trend of horrible video game movies, we might be lucky enough for an average movie!

    even if it’s as bad as the house of the dead movie, i’m still gonna see it in the theater, and who knows, maybe it’ll spark enough intrest in the game to warrent a next gen super beautiful update (hopefully with the cancelled multiplayer that nextgen mag reported about waaaaaay back in the day)

    overall, this flocking rules, geller is a goddess, and i get to see the chesire cat get smushed again! here’s to hoping somebody smushes the whoppi goldberg miniseries version of the cat as well

  24. I’m still trying to find out if there is a soundtrack to the videogame. the music is just so beautiful and i’m dying to put it on my ipod. please make sure that that same music os on the movie.

  25. i ahve been verry anxious to see this onto production and like the others i hope that the producers dont mess up the game by “altering” the movie to their likeing. plus…tim burton,tes defanantly the man for directing the movie and the voice of marilyn manson as the cheshire cat. what else can i say…McGee, GENIOUS!!!

  26. Can’t wait till it comes out.The movie I mean.I wish though, that they would re realease the game, since i have found out it has been discontinued by the manufacturer.Maybe if you do re release it, make it available for xbox or xbox 360.but hopefully just regular old xbox.Yes wouldnt that be great.Hope they dont make it cheesy like house of the dead and completly destroy the whole plot.

  27. Just loved the game (possibly the best one i’ve ever played). Some doubts about the movie, hollywood tends to kill dreams, and alice is the definition of dreamland. Someone mentioned tim burton, yeap that would be just great, in a perfect world. Manson for the cat? Anthony Hopkins i’d say, anyways it’s all about budget and money. Just have to say (no harsh feelings), no movie is better than a crappy one. We love alice πŸ˜‰

  28. they seem to have done ok with “Silent Hill”…i mean that was so like the game it almost came out cheesy…..but the effects were soooo freaky and i’m hoping this Nispel guy will think about who played the game from the beginning and how this should be an adult film, NOT marketed to WB watching high school kids! It needs to be made with the FANS in mind and NOT a dollar amount. As far as Gellar….i hope she kicks as much as as she did with Buffy, if not more…..we don’t need to see her cleavage…ALICE has none! We want to see twisting landscapes….screaming banshees….eerie gothic industrial sounds and LOTS of blood!!!!!


    serously I love the game. after all this years I still play it. Great game

    I WANT ALICEEEEEEEEE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. K first off: The Game kicks ass we all know and agree with that. Silent Hill, they messed up, it should have been the Dad and the little girl, not her mom! Resident Evil and RE: Appoclyspe Sucked! They were not based on the games! In Resident Evil, you only saw a tiny part of the Mansion. And Jill V. should have been the main character, not Alice. Anyways, I hope they don’t screw this movie up, like they did the others, and a couple of nude shots would be nice, lol.

  31. I really love the game I constantly get into trouble for playing it so much. I sincerely hope that when the movie is released that it does it complete and proper justice. It would be a travesty to see such an excellent game turned into such a horrid film
    best of luck!

  32. In regards to someone’s earlier comment: this movie should NOT be PG-13! It needs to be R because it’s too dark and mature (at least it should be) to be rated ortherwise.

  33. I’m worried about Sarah… Period. But then again, she was allright in the grudge. And now that i think about it, don’t forget Stone Temple Pilots last single, “Sour Girl” where Gellar was the goth girl in the video. Maybe we just stereotyped her and cheerleader buffy. She might actually be good. In all the script matters the most though.

  34. I hope that chesire keep the same voice as the game, he´s my favorite character. He needs the voice, and please take the soundtrack of “village of the doomed” into the film.

  35. Well, I won’t be trusting Sarah until I get to see the movie, but they better make her talk with a credible english accent. It’s a part of the Alice in the game, as well as being disturbed and sarcastical.

    I liked the director’s remake of the “TCM” and i thought it was pretty good, but this movie needs a lot more than pshycho people and canibalism. The movie has to be colorfull but dark, has to be sick and bizarre as hell. We need to see how strange wonderland is. I really hope they are not sacrificing anything from the game, that every stage and detail appears, as well as the character designs- but better.

    An interesting part of the game are the weapons, so I hope they are making a good FX work with them. I can’t picture how the final outcome against the Queen of Hearts in her real shape will be.

    AND I REALLY EXPECT not screwing up and merging the Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen as the same character, because they are not.

    Looking forward to it.

  36. Wow. I remember playing the Alice game, and I thought it was fantastic. I remember thinking to myself, “this would be a great movie”. I hope they do.

  37. Il thougth the same thing…
    A film of American McGee’s Alice will be fantastic but not as great as the game…

  38. Isn’t she a bit…old for the part? No offense to her, of course! Great actress. Definately not what I would have expected, though..
    An unknown would have been brilliant.
    Though I am glad to see that the project seems to still be up and kicking.

  39. coming from a fan of the game, book, past movies and author (lewis caroll) i say that keira knightly (pirates of the carribean, the jacket, domino) would make the best alice. anthony hopkins (silence of the lambs, hannible) would make the best voice for the cheshire cat. tilda swinton (constantine, chronicles of narnia) would make the best red queen. bill nighy (underworld, love actually) would be the best mad hatter. the caterpillar’s voice should be done by michael gambon (Sleepy hollow, the omen). the best dutchess would be pam farris (matilda, harry potter 3). the voice of the white rabbit would be best played by andrew chaikin (american mcgee’s alice). the voice of the griffin should be played by alan rickman. i’ve obviousley had plenty of time to think about this heh. but i need some feed-back.

  40. Well its been a while, I think its about time there was a teaser site πŸ™‚

    Sarah Michelle Geller should do fine as Alice, remembering she has already played parts with dark hair, and can look seriously goth, which alice is, apart from her blue dress.

    The movie should be made with the original game scriptwriters just to make sure the dark humour and sarcasm makes it into the movie.

    This game is still a great play today


  41. I think SMG will be great in her part as Alice. She is always a very adaptable actress, you can give her any role and she’ll play it wonderfully. As of now her hair is black, I’ve seen photos. Plus she is pretty skinny and she can look very odd looking at times, which makes me believe that she’s perfect for the part.

  42. Summer Glau from the firefly series and the serenity movie would have been a MUCH better choice…She has got the whole “disturbed chick” thing down!!!

  43. OH Keira is THE ONE for this role. She’s got it, the accent, the looks… damn she was perfect for this.

  44. i am extremly excited! but as others have said, I just hope they make the movie correctly. make it as twisted as possible!

  45. To american: take a look at the evil twin
    game search it if you have on the net,
    but I’ll know you’d be interested it’s along the same lines as Alice story wise.
    I hope you consider adapting a script once you like what you see. πŸ™‚

  46. I’d love to see “Summer Glau” as Alice… she has the look of the part already πŸ™‚

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