Major Alice Movie News

Well, finally something is *happening* with the Alice film! I”m happy too… I think Sarah will make a fine Alice, especially after her performance in The Grudge.

This was announced in the Hollywood Reporter today…

June 21, 2005

Universal to put Gellar in Wonderland

By Borys Kit and John Gaudiosi
Universal Pictures is making “Alice,” an adaptation of video game “American McGee’s Alice,” with Sarah Michelle Gellar attached to star for director Marcus Nispel.

“Alice” is based on the Electronic Arts game created by American McGee, a lead designer of the “Quake” and “Doom” series of games. EA’s game is based on Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” novels, which are in the public domain.

In the game, Alice has grown up to become a disturbed young woman. After her parents are killed in a fire, Alice returns to Wonderland, a dark and threatening place of looking glasses, mysterious potions, nonsensical tea parties and talking animals, confronting her fears and the wicked Queen of Hearts.

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  1. While other actresses do come to mind in terms of goth, I think this is a great role for Sarah & she will pull it off. Good for her for taking on the challenge.

  2. Emily Browning, Emmy Rossum, Keira Knightley or Natalie Portman for Alice.
    I’ve seen a couple of episodes of buffy and SMG might be quite good. she is quite versitile and she does do a convining accent.
    I’m going to be 15 next year so hopefully i’ll be able to see it!

  3. I like the idea of SMG as Alice, although I do think she’s too old. I love the idea of Summer Glau–imagine her with a posh, creepy, English accent (not unlike mine I hasten to add for no reason!). Very cool, it would be.
    Coincidentally, Lily Cole in Phantasmagoria is 18–seems the perfect age and looks suitable disturbed and yet innocence. Hmm, was it indeed coincidence???

  4. Is there any recent news about the movie??
    I have been waiting years for this to come out…need the latest. Can’t wait to see Sarah on the screen again!

  5. I gotta agree with some of you that Summer or Christina were my first picks. But hey, Sarah could pull it off. It’s about time this one hit the big screen! PLEEEZ, be even half as twisted as the game and this will be a true audience pleaser. And by all means, get Chris Vrenna involved in the foley and music trax!

  6. Ooh, Summer Glau, now why didn’t I think of that? Mmmmmm, yes she would have made an AWESOME Alice. Ah well, I like SMG anyway. Itching for this damn movie to be out already dammit…

  7. Finally, I saw someone suggest Emily Browning as Alice. I’m a FANATIC of this game & believe she could pull it off flawlessly. In response to the person who claimed that SMG would play the Red Queen…if you’ve beaten the game, you know that the Red Queen’s face appears as Alice’s own before the final battle. I personally think that Alan Rickman would do best as the voice of the Cheshire Cat, not the Griffin. This is all the input I have at the moment except to say that I will be devestated to see SMG get the part of Alice.

  8. I cant wait till the movie comes out *sigh* ill have to play the game till then 🙂

  9. I was hoping they would get a younger actress rather than one that tries to remain 18… but I’m sure it will still be an awesome movie. I just hope I don’t have Buffy flash-backs while watching it, Sarah just doesn’t look like the kind of person who can fill Alice’s boots…. she’s better at looking afraid and running away from people in high heels. Every movie I see has a score of the same actors as the last one. Can’t wait to see it anyways.


    Game was kickin’!

    I’m not too impressed that they chose SMG to play Alice, she too old. I know movie makeup can work wonders but it’ll still be mutton dressed as lamb. I heard Mila Jovovich was in on it, but then declined. My guess is that she’d make the best Red Queen….

    By the way, I can’t remember who he was, but the mad hatter from the first alice in wonderland movie should play the rabbit, and Alan Rickman should be the Mad Hatter…bwahahahaha!!!

  11. Christina Ricci should be Alice. Alan Rickman should be the Chesire Cat. And Tim Burton should direct… But oh well, at least they’re making a movie.

  12. Ok, McGee, I’m starting to think you’ve lost it. Your happy about Gellar being in it after “The Grudge”? WHY?!? The Grudge SUCKED! no offence ment toward Gellar personally, she’s had good parts, but not the grudge….. and whats with this grudge 2 that comes out friday….. NO! The Grudge is a terrible american version of Ju-On. but McGee, good luck, and even if the movie sucks….. as a huge fan of American McGee’s Alice (Game) I will be there opening night. (Maybe even try to sneak into the premier….) And I agree with the Alan Rickman Mad Hatter Comment. He just suits the part soooo well.

  13. PS. The Game gets 20 stars out of 5. It powns all others! I beat it in a week no cheats, or anything, Keep the movie as FUCKED UP as possible, Keep the fans in mind, we should count for something. (And the scene about the book being like a puzzle box or stubborn tupaware tap it…..*::THUD::* “YOU CALL THAT A TAP?!?!” should be in the movie, no if’s and’s or but’s.”

  14. I think Sarah will make a good alice, I really cant wait for this film to be made, i am so fed up of every film nowadays being a comedy and/or Cartoon.
    I want this to be what it should a heart pumping horror! I hope they dnt go along the lines of Buffy and turn it into a horror that would be ruining a great potential film

  15. It is true it should be TIM BURTON the director and Sarah well i like her but i think there are better options. But still I love the game so I will see the movie and them give my opinion.

  16. dood, get Chris Vrenna to do some foleying with his musicboxes again. one of the songs with his music box was all echo-y and it was soooooo fitting for this kind of movie. GET CHRIS VRENNA!! du meine gute, waiting for this movie is UNBEARABLE!! I CANT WAIT!!!

  17. OHH MAN I LOVE American McGee’s Alice I WANT SECOND PART, I FINISH THAT GAME THOUSAND TIMES AND ITS MY BEST GAME 4EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I still hold w/ my previous comment. Emily Browning should play Alice & Alan Rickman should be the voice of The Cheshire Cat. I’m trying to have faith, I really am…but as things go w/ Hollywood I foresee it being destroyed: Gellar as Alice, Tom Cruise as The Mad Hatter, Justin Timberlake and some other washed up teen idol as Tweedle Dee & Dum, Amy Smart as The Duchess…yes, I’m being overtly sarcastic here. Fingers crossed, I guess I’m just pissed over the whole SMG as Alice thing…oh, & it should definately be directed by Burton, I agree w/ everyone who said that.

  19. Sarah MG is too much of a public figure such as tom cruise. Alice should be played by an unknown actress to allow the audience to be focusing on her performance. If it were Sarah then some will be thinking Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scooby Doo or the Grudge. No offense to Sarah but there are way better actors to play Alice. You can only do this movie once, so do justice to this movie or it will turn out to be like those other video game movies that did not do too well (Resident Evil, Doom, Mortal Kombat, etc.). “The best treasures can be found under a pile of garbage, do not just skim over it and pick up whatever seems the best.” -Ranon

  20. I’m still holding on to hope that this will see the light of day. American McGee’s Alice is one of my most memorable games, and I have quite a few of them. The entire thing came together and set a mood unlike any other game I’ve played before or since. I do think it’s a mistake to put Sarah Michelle Gellar in the role as alice. She neither looks, sounds or acts like the character from the game. Natalie Portman is a dead ringer for the character and would work out prefectly. I’m praying the script doesnt suck and the director doesnt have his head up his ass because this could be a masterpiece if they follow the movie as close to the game as possible and leave out any corny one liners and that silly teenage sassiness thats in every single movie made lately.

  21. OMG Sarah I think is an o.k. actress but what the heck! how old is she like probobly in her 20’s and like for alice this kid is like 14-16 id believe. Why not have it fair and host auditions OR ATLEAST MAKE MORE GIRL PARTS!

  22. I think it is great that SMG is playing Alice, I hope she cal do the accent, but I think she will do awsome with the attitude of Alice. I know hollywood usually makes these projets crappy compared to the real game, but I think with Sarahs previous experience on buffy and other “scary” movies, she will pull it off no problem. Im looking at the constant delays as a good sighn that Sarah is taking all the time she needs to properly plan out this movie. I really hope to see it come out soon, but I would like to see that the game is followed almost exactly, the cat and the mad hatter all need to be exact, and I definitly would protest if they made Alice out to be some skank, she should be dressed exactly the same as the game, and juging by some of the ads for the movie i have seen it looks like they incorporated exactly the right mix to make SMG convincing as allice. They should use a balanced mix of computer graphics and live shots so the scenes dont look shotty, but with the way technology is advancing so fast im sure they will have the resources to make it seemless, and if they dont make it seemless there is no excuse for it, and they have let me personally, down. Good luck, i have faith.


    I finally got my copy of Alice back from my friend today and I find all this out too. It’s a super wonderful Alice day.

    Though I’m not sure how I feel about SMG being Alice. Granted I’ve liked her in almost every roll she’s done, I don’t feel like she looks or sounds the part. But I suppose movie magic does happen. I just hope (as mentioned above) they don’t use Gellar to make Alice out to be a skank like they have in the past with some of her characters.

    I’m also a little envious that they’ve already decided on an Alice cause that leaves no chance for casting calls that I could jump in on. 🙁

  24. Oh and Bolaji, there were a few corny one liners in the game and I kinda hope they keep those in.

  25. This is just simply awesome news! As a mature gamer with over 25 years gaming experience I can safely safe that Alice ranks as my all time favourite game bar none. The sheer sense of imagination, talent, artistry and the sheer brilliance of the music score is second to none. I can’t believe how long I will have to wait (or even how long it has been since I first played the original). Best of luck to the developers. The only question remains which format should I play it in (maybe I’ll go crazy and play it on all formats)!!!

  26. I know she isnt an actress but dont yuu think Emilie Autumn wuld be an amazing Alice?
    I also think Tim Curry wuld give the perect voice for the cheshire cat, sarah michelle geller i guess wuld be an okaii Alice but im sure there are other actors wich wuld suit the part of Alice more.

  27. Hello. I want to ask American, or anyone else who knows: is the movie cancelled? Would you rather do a CGI animation movie, a traditional animation one, or live action?

  28. IF this movie EVER gets made SMG will be FAR too old to play alice. There are many other actresses who would fit the bill nicely.

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