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Dan Adams over at IGN posted a really informative interview that’s worth checking out. A lot more detail about the game, some new screenshots, and other goodness:

June 8, 2005 – It’s not often that a game really comes along to prove some sort of social or political point. Maybe it’s because gamers don’t really like to think or consider things in regular life while playing games or maybe it’s just because developers are lazy and would like to leave that sort of thing to authors and movie makers. The biggest reason is probably just that it’s hard to make a game fun around something that’s at least a passably serious subject.

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bdla screen


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  1. Actually I think this game’s art style is quite different from other so-called mainstream PC games nowadays… Today’s ‘famous’ games usually put emphasis on ‘reality’, i.e. making the game look more real, e.g. adding weather effects or higher resolution etc. However, I think a good PC game is not only of graphics; the content’s also very important. So I think this latest game by you will be also quite unique and I am also expecting it.

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