BDLA Trailer Goes Wide

A quick note to everyone who helped to raise awareness about the Bad Day LA trailer, watched it, and registered it on their wishlists: Thank You! In less than a week you helped to raise the popularity of the game from 0 to 29.4! For an independently developed game that has had zero marketing dollars spent on it so far that’s an awesome achievement. The game now ranks in the top 100 (at #77) in the PC Library at GameStats.

You can now download the trailer directly from these links:

Low 12mb

Med 17mb

Hi 23mb

(Please continue to send your friends over to register the game on their wishlist at GameStats.)

A big thanks to my buddy Zav for helping to compress the videos using his 3ivx front-in app called “Crush“.



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  1. […] You can check out some sample videos encoded with Crush, or witness Crush in action in Alex’s public iDisk folder (username zav). You can also try out Crush encoding on your own videos by FTPing them to a remote server. […]

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