Month: July 2009

  • Formula for Success

    Someone recently forwarded to me a study which illustrates so-called “consumer preferences” for game genres. Data was generated by asking consumers what existing genres they prefer to play – with expected results. What’s interesting to me is that many of the genre choices could only have appeared on the selection list in recent years: extreme…

  • Pity the “Other” Wonderland

    Saw mention of another Alice game going into production – here’s a link to the story at “Wii Land” The article opines: “At first we were very excited to learn about an upcoming video game adaptation of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland film. But then, our hearts quickly sank when we realized that the game…

  • Shanghai Eclipse 2009

    Today was amazing. There was a full solar eclipse over Shanghai.

  • It used to be that a semi-literate high school kid could tell you certain “inalienable rights” enjoyed by Americans included privacy alongside things like freedom of speech and right to a speedy and fair trial (both also dead).