Pity the “Other” Wonderland

Saw mention of another Alice game going into production – here’s a link to the story at “Wii Land

The article opines:

“At first we were very excited to learn about an upcoming video game adaptation of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland film. But then, our hearts quickly sank when we realized that the game will have nothing in common with American McGee’s amazing and gothic Alice PC game.”

Hey Wii Land people – don’t be sad. Have you not heard the good news? We’re making another “amazing and gothic” Alice game! Sadly, it won’t come to Wii. Unless someone wants to get us a WiiHD with a compatible version of UE3… hint, hint.


6 responses to “Pity the “Other” Wonderland”

  1. Wanting to play good console gmaes on a Wii is like wanting to play good games on a computer when you’re stuck with a Mac; you’re stuck with a very limited console.

    I hope this game has good PC controls, prefurably run by keyboard instead of mouse.

  2. Even though I love Tim Burton’s movies I am more looking forward to American McGee’s Alice 2.

  3. i don’t like the Wii.
    it’s a very disturbing system.

    but i will see that movie on my birthday.

  4. ??? So they are DISSAPOINTED that TIM BURTON isn’t following Mcgee’s idea??? That’s like being disappointed Steven Spielberg isn’t following Uwe Bolls vision.

  5. Is there a chance of the original Alice getting a port for Android Devices?

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