Voices and Moves

Cheshire Concept (old)

Cheshire Concept

As production on Alice 2 continues, the development team at Spicy Horse is making awesome progress. By many measures, we’re ahead of schedule – though it’s still too early to get overconfident.

While the internal team is cranking along on all cylinders, there are a few things we could use some outside “assistance” with. Namely, voice actors and motion actors for reference and actual use in the game. We have all our “bulk” needs covered – but are looking for a few special people IN SHANGHAI who can assist with lots of impromptu stuff related to VO and acting. These elements might go into the game or simply be used as temporary reference.

For voice actors – we’re looking for people (men, children, women) with BRITISH accents (real ones please). This will be used as placeholder – or could possibly make it into the final game (depending on quality, etc).

For stage actors – we’re looking for people with expressive faces and bodies – which will be used for animation reference and/or local motion capture sessions. Our animation director has requested “foreigners” for this role because she feels Chinese people and foreigners move differently.

If you are IN SHANGHAI and possessing actual Voice Acting or Stage Acting talent, the please contact me directly. You can do so by posting a comment to this article – it won’t be seen unless I approve it (which I don’t do for queries like this).

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  1. Creepy British accents are a must!

    This may be unrelated to the post, but…

    With this talk about Alice II, and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, I just started replaying the original Alice…and I had this rather vague idea to build a modification of an existing engine (say Valve’s Source) to pay homage to the original game. Obviously there are probably plenty of licensing issues and such, but I was curious what you personally thought of an idea like this. I obviously wouldn’t move forward with an idea like this unless you approved of it!

  2. I love the blog and am very thankful for the updates. Alice is in my top game list and has been since release. You’re art and style amaze me every time i see just about anything that you create.

    I just wanted to say thank you for your effort not only in creating, but in also keeping the public up to date.

    To briefly comment on the post by “Barnes”. The games with large cult followings that have had remakes always excite me, even if the game is essentially a direct copy with updated graphics and animations. (Conker comes to mind) I would love to see a re-make of Alice, but i of course fall into the category of cult fan, as i have pushed that game onto every gamer ive ever met and have played it many times through.

  3. I’ll miss the Cheshire’s original voice; it’s permanently burned into my brain.

  4. Things I wish I could have/do:

    -Have a British Accent (capitalized because it’s a proper noun in more than one sense).

    -Make video games for a living.

    Alas, a lowly physics/engineering major such myself has pretty much zero programing skills. You’d think my school would force me to take a programming class, but nope! Toh well.

  5. Darn, right accent, wrong continent! I’ll keep checking back though in case you consider taking submissions via the web 😉

  6. Hopefully You’ll Be Able To Find Someone With Good As A Voice As The Previous Cheshire Cat Had.Many People Including Myself Are Hoping For It.

    Anyway I Don’t Think It’s A Good Idea To Look Strictly In Shan. You Should Try Looking In A Little Wider Of An Area, Like Europe Perhaps?

  7. Give ‘im new tats and a mechanical hind limb.

    Oh and if Roger Jackson isn’t voicing CC this time aorund I will personally come to Shanghai and cry unashamedly for hours outside your offices till you give in! And that’s that!

  8. My husband has stated he will be terribly disappointed if the same voice actor isn’t used for the Cheshire Cat.

    I have to agree – that man had a voice that had a purring undercurrent and vague condensation that only a cat trying to teach a human could make.

  9. The Cheshire isn’t voiced by the same man?! My boyfriend’s in tears…

    I’m really glad you’re making a sequel; we’ve both played the game Alice to the point we know almost every corner, every nook and cranny. He fell in love with it when it was released in the year 2000, then infected me with the Alice fever when I met him. Too bad we aren’t in Shanghai, we both don’t have any accents and he speaks in Queen’s English!

    A little suggestion from an avid fan, though… we were both very excited to see a live-action Alice film in development and I was browsing through imdb, and I found there are a lot of opinions pertaining to the film, both good and bad. It struck me just how much of a cult following this game has, a steady pool of people who love this game; and like all cult followings, they love the canon. So here’s my plea (and I know, I’m being arrogant)… please, please please take into consideration what we, the invisible fans, are saying. I know some things are impossible, but the Alice cult will be the ones who will rush to the store at the opening hour to buy the new game. After a decade since the game’s release, we grew up with Alice, reading the original book, playing the game, finding the Red Queen in ourselves and battling (along with Alice) to defeat her.

    Awaiting the second game!

  10. I’m really looking foreward to the Alice sequel. I fell for the first one completely, in such a way that everytime I played it I had nightmares! Couldn’t stop playing it, though…
    Also, this article got me so thrilled. The Cheshire Cat he’s quickly become my favorite character indeed! Adore his quotes…
    I must say I imediatly felt like stepping up to try the part, you know? For the character, for the astonishing story and for the incredible work on the first Alice game. All those things just made me want so bad to be given a shot, not to mention the british accent, which is a particular vice of my own…Fits me so well I’m heading England next July. Even though I have no previous experience on voice acting and I recognize the serious work you’re developing out there, I simply had to come by and say that if you ever start considering a british accent outside China, it’d be a pleasure and a bloody hell dream come true.

  11. The concept art looks great. In light of the ongoing development of the sequel, are there any plans to re-release the original, perhaps through some kind of content delivery platform such as Direct2Drive or Steam?

  12. I wish you were looking for people outside of Shanghai for the stage actors…I dance and I have professional experience from music videos (extra work), I’d love to do it.

  13. Muuuu…no Roger L Jackson as Cheshy? NUUUUUUUUU! SUCH A TRAVESTY! T_T

    srsly though? Please try and get the Original Cheshire voice actor. I’m not so picky about Alice but…let’s face it. The star for many players was A) the dark grim (grimm?) world of Alice, and Cheshire.

    Alice was still a joy to play, of course, however Cheshire was the big winner for us. Half mad and quite a sight to behold, the Cheshire Cat seemed to embody Alice’s Wonderland.

    On a different thought, what are the odds of you making other games along this same genre, visitting the macabre touch of Alice to say…Willy Wonka, Peter Pan or Wizard of Oz?

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