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Voices and Moves

Cheshire Concept (old)

Cheshire Concept

As production on Alice 2 continues, the development team at Spicy Horse is making awesome progress. By many measures, we’re ahead of schedule – though it’s still too early to get overconfident.

While the internal team is cranking along on all cylinders, there are a few things we could use some outside “assistance” with. Namely, voice actors and motion actors for reference and actual use in the game. We have all our “bulk” needs covered – but are looking for a few special people IN SHANGHAI who can assist with lots of impromptu stuff related to VO and acting. These elements might go into the game or simply be used as temporary reference.

For voice actors – we’re looking for people (men, children, women) with BRITISH accents (real ones please). This will be used as placeholder – or could possibly make it into the final game (depending on quality, etc).

For stage actors – we’re looking for people with expressive faces and bodies – which will be used for animation reference and/or local motion capture sessions. Our animation director has requested “foreigners” for this role because she feels Chinese people and foreigners move differently.

If you are IN SHANGHAI and possessing actual Voice Acting or Stage Acting talent, the please contact me directly. You can do so by posting a comment to this article – it won’t be seen unless I approve it (which I don’t do for queries like this).