Category: Asides

  • Interesting Take on Digital Download

    In this thought-provoking opinion piece, industry commentator Matt Matthews suggests that artificial scarcity of digital games – only making them available for limited times – could be a way to get the public excited about games. Check it out here.

  • Gamer’s Magazine Interview

    I did an interview with Mexican gaming magazine “Gamer’s Magazine”. In it I speak of Grimm, Red, and socks in my mouth. Tequila!

  • Countdown to Episode 1

    I placed a countdown clock on the site to track the number of days until the release of “Grimm” Episode 1. July 31 2008 EST is the official time set by Gametap. Be sure to check the Gametap Grimm Site for updates in the coming weeks.

  • Grimm Key Image

    I’ve posted a clean version of the image that inspired the Grimm billboard on my flickr account.

  • Players Only Appearance

    I did an interview with Players Only at GDC. Video has been posted to YouTube.

  • Theme = New

    Change is the only thing we can be certain of. With that thought, I’m changing the site theme to “The Morning After”. Feel free to comment.