Category: Asides

  • Brain-Chipped McGee

    The Guardian is running an interview with yours truly, where I talk about Grimm, games, inspirations, and getting “jacked in” to some form of digital alternate reality. I make mention of “The Matrix”, but have to say I’d much rather live in the VR of “Snowcrash”. Check it out.

  • Name That Puppy

    A few days ago we added a puppy to the household. You can see her picture here. Now, I wouldn’t normally choose something so tiny, cute, and cuddly as a baby Chihuahua to be a pet – I prefer dog eating lizards – but even I have to admit she’s quite charming. Only problem is:…

  • Engine “Justice”

    I read on Develop Magazine this morning of some non-movement with the lawsuit brought against Epic by Silicon Knights. Seems we need reassuring that “something will happen”.

  • Gamasutra – EA Partners Inks Publishing Deal With Epic, Grasshopper

    Read this morning: Gamasutra – EA Partners Inks Publishing Deal With Epic, Grasshopper Exciting news: EA Partners will publish a new “action-horror” title, produced by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and directed by renowned designer Goichi “Suda51” Suda, of Killer 7 (pictured) and No More Heroes fame. Cool!

  • Episodic ‘Dexter’ Game for iPhones

    If you’ve never seen “Dexter”, I highly recommend it. And now news of an episodic game based on the show: Episodic ‘Dexter’ Game for iPhones Players will reportedly use gesture controls (Ecko demonstrated a hacking motion with an iPhone), text messaging and phone calls to interact with the “Dexter” experience, but Ecko didn’t reveal anything…

  • Gamecock on GameTap

    News from GameDaily this morning: Today, Gamecock Media announced that it has signed a partnership with GameTap. Under terms of this agreement, the publisher’s various titles will be available for digital download in GameTap’s online store, as well as for ad-supported play and subscription. Future titles, including Legendary and Velvet Assassin, will also be made…