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Brian Ashcroft from Kotaku has presented a really great interview with me and a few others from Spicy Horse. It details the history of my move to China, the formation of Spicy Horse, and our vision of the future of games in China. From the article,

It was 2007, and China was buzzing — with optimism and energy. “Chinese contemporary society is like a whirlwind,” says McGee’s business partner and art director, Ken Wong. “It seems to have changed in 10 years as much as America has in the past 40.” McGee and Wong, started boutique studio dubbed “Spicy Horse” or “Ma La Ma” in Chinese. Initially, they worked out of their homes on an island off the Hong Kong coast. “We moved into some really low-rent warehouse space in Shanghai upon our initial landing in the mainland,” says McGee. “From there we moved a few more times, ever growing the company, taking on more people, and evolving the culture.”

Be sure to check out the full article.

Many thanks to Brian for crafting such a cool article. And thanks to Kotaku readers for supporting interesting interviews like this 🙂

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  1. I think your blog is a very nice dune pice. I do not no anything about games, so I can not comment on your main work. But in your blog you seem so awake and awere of many things in China, so I wanted if you could bother to mail me, to ask you about job oppertunities in China. If you do not want, ok, fine, I think your blogg is a good one, anyhow.

  2. hey, american =)
    im from russia
    by the way theres almost no any snow this winter =) so, no white bears xD
    i just wanted to say that u are so talanted
    thanx for ur alice and bad day
    keep doing this, u’re great

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