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  • Extra Lives

    Extra Lives From a recent book review at The New York Times: If photographs are “experience captured,” in Susan Sontag’s phrase, then video games are experience created. The medium can be so engaging, so addictive — Bissell compares playing games to his time using cocaine — that many game makers get away with fiction that […]

  • Week of Extreme Violence!!!

    The guys over at gaming community/news site “We The Gamers” are running a contest called “Week of Extreme Violence”. As part of the violent fun they’re discussing violence in video games, giving away some cool prizes, and just being “violent” – just like video games taught them! It amazes me still when mainstream press pays […]

  • American in China

    The Spicy Horse Logo Brian Ashcroft from Kotaku has presented a really great interview with me and a few others from Spicy Horse. It details the history of my move to China, the formation of Spicy Horse, and our vision of the future of games in China. From the article, It was 2007, and China […]