Gamesplanet Bad Day LA Interview

Gamesplanet is featuring a new Bad Day LA interview.

GP: Don’t you guys fear that the game will disappear in the mediocre list of games, because it cannot really compete with graphically superior games like FEAR, Quake 4 or Ghost Recon 3? How are you going to convince people this game has a lot more to it?

AM: The Sims didn’t become the best selling PC video game in the world because of a superior graphics engine. It sold because it is a great, fun game that appealed to a wide market of casual, non-hardcore gamers. My hope with BDLA is that it will appeal to a fresh crowd of mass market and casual gamers who are new to 3rd person action titles and looking for something highly entertaining and non-frustrating. Personally, I think that games like the ones you mentioned neglect the wider market possibilities by focusing almost exclusively on the hardcore gamer market. Ultimately, I probably won’t be able to convince a lot of hard core gamers to even look at BDLA, especially if all they are interested in is next-gen graphics. But, I think even of few of those gamers will be swayed by the originality and comedy of BDLA.

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  1. Nice interview – im a little concerned about the timing of the game however … I know you mentioned that this is going to be an XBOX release … but will it be XBOX 360? Im guessing / assuming no … in which case Im worried about its sales due to the release of the XBOX360. Granted, 360 offers backwards compatability , however people have a hard time looking back if that makes sense- just a personal opinion. Particularly since you are aiming for a mass market , the general gamer .

    Im not saying that they wont look back to purchase the game because of GRAPHICS, but simply because its not a 360 game. People can be stupid-

    Anyways- best of luck with the game. Ill likely be picking up a copy myself.

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