CCT Game Calendar 2006

Wanted to take a moment to bring some attention to a very cool calendar project built around video game art. From the project’s website:

CCT Game Calendar 2006
Borne as my private initiative, inspired by the Pirelli Calendar, project aims to create something that will be able to affect non-gamers consciousness of video game industry, and became a significant event within this branch. As a person fascinated with global popular culture and the fine arts as well, I also want to show that video games can merge them both. I believe that this calendar will be
a proof that also within the game industry itself not only do work craftsmen, but also – Artists.

These sorts of efforts are critical in helping the world understand the actual *art* that goes into the production of video games. Check out the website and make sure to grab the calendar when it is released. I’m going to be submitting some Bad Day LA artwork to the project.

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