Bad Day L.A. Updated Impressions at GameSpot

Jason Ocampo over at GameSpot has posted a nice preview article of BDLA. He says…

Bad Day L.A. Updated Impressions – French Terrorists, Zombies, and More – Bad Day L.A. Previews for PC at GameSpot
Admittedly, it’s a bit difficult just trying to describe Bad Day L.A., because we’ve never really seen anything quite like it. It takes the basic concepts of an action game and combines them with a level of edgy humor that’s rarely seen in games these days. Will it be controversial? No doubt. Is it funny? We must admit that we laughed quite a bit throughout the demo. And when you get down to it, the game’s absurd and politically incorrect humor will likely touch a chord with an audience out there.

You know, I’ve been trying to come up with a term to describe what it is we’ve created here. So far my favourite is: Chaos Control. BDLA isn’t “just” a 3rd-person shooter. In fact, compared to other 3rd-person shooters it falls short in the bells and whistles department. This certainly isn’t a feature-list driven game. So can we invent a new sub-genre? 3rd-person Chaos Control game. That sounds right.



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