BDLA Interview

A new Bad Day LA interview is up on Derek dela Fuente’s article begins…

Over the last few years American McGee has started to establish himself as somewhat of a cult figure and a voice that many are keen to listen to. His latest creation, billed American McGee Presents: Bad Day L.A., is a third-person action/adventure game that weaves a wild storyline and offers a unique art style.

Cult figure? Hm.

Anyway, lots of new screenshots are available along with the article. I would post a few of them here, but sadly I am limping along on modem power. No broadband in the new home on Lamma… yet. I feel like a caveman and am so disconnected from the world!

As soon as full power is restored I’ll post some info about the move. My favorite part was seeing the lower deck of the Hong Kong->Lamma ferry jammed full of my stuff.

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3 responses to “BDLA Interview”

  1. “The game ends with the city mostly destroyed as the player makes a final stand in the wrecked remains of Beverly Hills’ famous Rodeo Drive.”

    Hmm… *google searches Rodeo Drive*

    “Rodeo Drive is one of the most celebrated and exclusive shopping streets in the world”

    Aww… Boy, this going to be fun!

  2. Yah cult figure, your games are awesome! Im still telling people about Alice 2 years after beating it and 5 years after buying it. The game is awesome, and i know people that i have told about you and your game and have played it and love it too.

  3. Maybe they meant quilt figure. I, for one, follow your sewing escapades way more than your game design.

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