A Call to Ban Things #2

I’ve asked this question before, I’ll ask it again: does anyone have proof of an instance where a video game was actually linked to a murder? For that matter, has a court of law ever found any form of entertainment responsible for a violent crime? If you’ve got proof, please send it. Meanwhile, in the real world, people continue to die by unusual means *not* related to video games:

The wurst way to go? – Yahoo! News
FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German police have arrested a man on suspicion of murdering a woman with a sausage.

Ban: German Sausage

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  1. Doooood, you like, changed your site. Doood.

    Psh. Videogames don’t kill people. GUNS do. Everyone knows that.

  2. Apparently there are cases of copycat crimes and murders inspired by films like Clockwork Orange, Natural Born Killers, etc. At least according the the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and the article on the 25 Most Controversial Films.

  3. I compare this to the chinese firewall, the only thing they’re doing is compromising everyone’s freedom by banning violent games.

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