Target: USA – The Fear Font!


3 responses to “Target: USA – The Fear Font!”

  1. OMG….OMG….that was hilarious. I can’t imagine hearing the news from any other source than the Daily Show. They really put things into the right perspective. It seems like most news agencies really are playing on the fear of the general public. I think the only semi-unbiased news that is anywhere near safe is from NPR. It’s kind of sad.

  2. Bad Day LA…

    Played the demo – mixed feelings.

    Interesting concept, mediocre execution, poor graphics.

    I wonder though, how much more is there to the full game beyond what the demo shows? How are the vehicles handled? Etc, etc…

  3. Beside this perfectly misplaced comment about BDLA, this video was awesome!

    I live in germany, and although the media is also hoping on the BUS OF FEAR, they still remained calm about this whole liquid explosives stuff. We had some problems with suitcase bombs in the last days, but most people i know just reacted with “ow… sowe have to go around central station”.

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