Bad Day L.A. Goes Gold

Good day for Bad Day LA:

American McGee Presents Bad Day L.A. Goes Gold
August 22, 2006 – Aspyr Media today announced that American McGee Presents: Bad Day L.A for the PC has gone gold and will beginning shipping to North American stores nationwide next week. This third-person action/adventure game, developed by acclaimed designer American McGee, is a cinematic satire that plays off the “fear culture” of modern America by plunging players into a storyline where the city of Los Angeles is barraged with disasters. The game combines comedy, chaos management gameplay, a unique art style created by Kozyndan, an over-the-top ironic story and a cast of characters that find themselves in goofy, often surreal missions.

“Bad Day L.A. has been designed for every player over age 18 to pick up and enjoy instantly,” said American McGee. “Our goal is pure fast action and fun. Players will have a blast grabbing their weapons and ammo; running around and shooting things and interacting with a crazy cast of support characters, all while trying to save LA during what has got to be the city’s worst day ever.”

You can show your love by pre-ordering the game via Amazon.

It’s always nice when a game finally goes gold. Especially nice when the game had such a difficult development. I’ll work on a post-mortem soon.



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  1. Um…so does anyone know if anywhere is selling this game yet? I’ve emailed Aspyr and they say it’s shipping this week; EB keeps changing the ship date, when I call the various stores no one seems to know when it’s coming out. I want to review it for my readership, but no one seems to know when (or if) it’s even coming out. 🙁

  2. I have just played B.D.LA by the first time for about 30 minutes. In the installing process,I saw “Are You Prepared?”……I thought it was asking “Are You Prepared To Play The Game?” But when I watch the opening movie and play for several minutes…I feel I am wrong. Maybe it was asking”Are You Prepared To Die?” actually 🙂

    My basic feeling to this game is if there are too many icon shown at the same time? 🙁 That makes me a bit dazzled!Anyway the art of this game makes me feel so exciting… 🙂

    What? I saved you life…Why you attack me? Holy…! What a crazy world man……What a BAD DAY ! ^_^

  3. Honestly, American — do you really think BDLA turned out to be a good game?

    To me it feels like the from-the-start intriguing game concept that is Bad Day: LA, was lost in translation.

  4. Firstly, you should congratulate me American … my “Bad.Day” is finished. haha…What a chaotic day. 🙂

    When I set foot into this game in the first few days, I feel it’s just a cartoon version GTA-like game. But with the game process goes by, Another kind of “South Park” is shown to me. The facetious dialogue, the people laugh unbelievable action by Anthony…etc.

    I can’t help saying … compared with the similar parts with GTA, I prefer those “South Park” elements in B.D.L.A.

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