Once again I am compressing my life into a few boxes and making a major move. This time the destination is Shanghai in the People’s Republic of China. I’m leaving behind Hong Kong, which has been my home for the past 2 years. Looking back, I feel like I’ve only been here a few weeks. Hong Kong is easily one of the most interesting and wonderful cities I’ve ever visited. I feel like I’m walking out of a dream. The richness and diversity of culture, people, cuisine, nature, and life has to be lived to be understood… I feel very lucky for the friends and the experiences that filled my life here.

Hong Kong SkylineLast Supper

This morning I wished Ken Wong farewell as he headed to Australia for some time with his family. I travel to Shanghai ahead of him to secure living arrangements and office space. Together, we managed to squish our collected possessions into ~10 boxes, weighing a total of 140kg. We’re feeling there’s a 50/50 chance that any individual box will actually make it to us in Shanghai – or at least make it semi-intact. Chinese post offices do not fill one with confidence. But then, what post offices do?
Life CompressedLamma Ferry

My cat is traveling to Shanghai by a combination of boat, subway, train, and domestic flight. By the time she gets there her trip will have cost more than the combined total of mine and Ken’s airfare and moving costs. Seriously, moving a cat from country to country is neither easy or cheap. At least she’s not going by post.

Once in Shanghai I’ll start reporting on the establishment of the new development studio there. Our trials and tribulations should be interesting and amusing – at least to the outside observer. Expect more details on our first production soon.

Shanghai, here we come!

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7 responses to “Shanghaied!”

  1. Best of luck to you! I’m sure all readers of your blog would be interested in hearing more about the details of your new venture, so when you’re all settled in and your cat has finally arrived, will you be updating us with your latest projects?

    -Ken Noland

  2. Damn that must be fusterating moving like that. I was pulling my hair out just moving down the road.

    The city looks nice, did your cat go crazy on the way over?

  3. Hey man, don’t forget to get your visa updated.

    That would SUCK if you forgot to do that.

  4. Welcome and Hope your have a nice life in Shanghai American. 🙂

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