Happy 2007!!

Life in Shanghai has been great. Busy but great. We’ve moved Spicy Horse to new offices, have brought on some additional team members, and have been doing “lab tests” for the new game concept.

A Feng Shui master told us that our new offices are haunted by zombies. The Feng Shui master even barfed in Xin’s office for effect. We were told that for a nominal fee the zombies could be removed. But Xin and I agreed that it would be better to put the zombies to work. We figure that aside from the stench and constant moaning, zombies should make decent employees.

New Day

Christmas and New Year holidays in China are pure commercial fun. I stumbled upon a creche containing the usual baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Also present was a rabid wolf pulling a semi-trailer of firewood and a dead deer yoked to a wooden cart overflowing with liquor jugs. This was in a place that serves donkey meat dumplings. I guess that’s why there was no donkey in the manger scene.

I’ve been wanting to make more frequent updates but Chinese Internet woes have hampered my ability to upload photos. So expect things to be quiet around here until we make our official announcement about the next project…

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