Once again… Grimm

It’s (re-)official now! Chuck Osborn at PC Gamer has written the first preview of the new game we’ve been secretly developing for Gametap: “American McGee’s Grimm” (And apparently now it’s OK for me to talk about it.)

After (justifiably) taking me to task on Bad Day LA, Chuck expresses excitement at what will be a “spiritual sequel of sorts to Alice” and then dives into some previously unreleased details about the game. I’ll share a bit of the news with you here, and suggest you purchase a copy of PC Gamer if you want to learn more.

PC Gamer - Grimm

I’m really happy to be once again working on twisted fairy tales. And I’m especially excited about having R.J. Berg involved with the project. He was the Executive Producer on Alice and that project’s head writer. On Grimm he’s serving in the same role, which means you can expect more beautifully written story and dialog.

RJ and his wife recently came out to China for some work and some adventure. We took a trip down to Hangzhou and I posted some images from that trip on my Flickr.

Hangzhou Train Trip

At this point that’s all I can say about the project, but stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

You can sign up for the project mailing list over at the Spicy Horse website.

7 responses to “Once again… Grimm”

  1. When are we going to see game screenshots of Grim? I better go to my local bookstore to check out the pc gamer. I gave a question is grim going the xbox360,ps3,nintendo wii,pc.

  2. This is great news! I’m looking forward to what you’ll come up with.

    We, at Tale of Tales, are also very interested in using fairy tales as source material for games. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a little interview about the subject for publication on our blog. We have a nice audience of critical game developers with a strong interest in stortelling in interactive media. I think they would be very interested in hearing how you work with such ancient tales.
    And it would be nice for us to exchange experiences.

  3. “I’m really happy to be once again working on twisted fairy tales.”

    Yeah, the Grimm stuff is so great, I’m really looking forward for this game. I love those artworks.

    Gz from Germany

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  5. Oh my dear sweet god. Mr. McGee, this is like Christmas for comparative media students. I’m just finishing up my undergraduate English thesis on the narratological/ludological binary in game studies, using Alice and the Carroll books as the subjects of my theory mashup. Grimm? Will keep me going through my Master’s. Huzzah!

    By the by, and pardon my audacity, but would you possibly have time to answer a couple of questions for my thesis? It’s just an undergrad thing and nothing that will ever be published, but I’d really appreciate your feedback. Alice is the central subject and topic of discussion for the paper, and I don’t want to do a disservice to the game. That said, I understand if you’re busy – god knows I would be with a game to work on. Thanks either way!


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