Tale of Tales Interview

In my opinion the world needs more game studios which are free and willing to explore the concept of “interactive arts”. It often seems that not enough attention is paid to the narrative and visual expression potential in video games.

One team that’s doing beautiful things in the area of game concept exploration is Tale of Tales in Belgium. Their games like “The Endless Forest” have pushed artistic expression and atmosphere while showing a wonderful disdain for “goals, violence, and rules.”

If you’ve not checked out “Endless Forest“, please do. And while you’re over there you can also see an interview they recently did with me. We talked about Grimm, the game industry, and fairy tales:

It was just a matter of time before we had a chat with American McGee, creator of Alice. And what better timing than on the eve of the official announcement of his next big fairy tale project, entitled “Grimm”, scheduled for release on GameTap in spring of 2008? Not only do we share a love for fairy tales and a focus on art and storytelling in games, with “Grimm”, American also embraces the format of the short episodic game, which rings a lot of bells with our own production.

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  1. “Will there ever be a Mac version?
    Since the technology behind The Endless Forest depends strongly on Microsoft’s DirectX, this is unlikely. We regret this situation tremendously. We are Mac fans ourselves. But we cannot let technological limitations stop us from expressing ourselves artistically as best as we can. And for the moment, this requires Windows.”

    Why does they always consider Linux does not worth being considered ?

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