GameTap brings 500+ PC games to Intel Macs

This is cool:

GameTap today announced that it is expanding its offerings to the Mac community by providing Intel-based Mac users access to its Lite Player, which offers more than 500 new and classic game titles as well as more than 600 streaming videos of original programming from GapeTap TV. “Mac users will now be able to enjoy hundreds of games that have never been playable on a Mac before,” said Stuart Snyder, Turner’s executive vice president and chief operating officer of Animation, Young Adults & Kids Media.

I love my Mac. And I love OS X even more. I might be losing it, but I swear the NeXT machines we were using to build DOOM/Quake were less laggy than Vista. Good to see gaming opening up on one of my preferred OSs.

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  1. And what about GNU/Linux ?
    Why does almost no editor care ?
    I’ve tried UT2004 on MS Windows and on Ubuntu on the same machine, it works much faster on Ubuntu. But most of games editor don’t care about Linux …

    Why is GNU/Linux less attractive than MacOSX while it as the same number of users ?

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