Alice Halloween


Spicy Horse artist Tyler Lockett did this Alice image in celebration of Halloween. Cool, huh?

4 responses to “Alice Halloween”

  1. Woow good work!I am a fan of your work !you are among my influences , I discovered your drawings in 2001 when I played Alice American mcgee’s I even made this summer an illustration on Alice and I ‘admits you have given me much inspiration! And i love the last post!

  2. Stunning, the game blew me away…. I got it a 2 years after it came out. I was 14 and i’m 21 now. Never could get it cuz, my bro and I would fight over which one to get. Finally got it on my own in 02…Best game ever made to this day. Nobody could have made it better and more beautiful. Hope you do more. I hope you can get more action figures created….they are hard to find these days. Although I have the original Alice and Cheshire cat. Amazing!

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