Grimm Buildings – DynoBait

So far all the Grimm concept images I’ve posted have focused on characters. But as I’ve mentioned before, everything in the game is built in twos – light and dark: Characters, vehicles, props, and buildings. Here you see an example of a building from the game.


This structure is taken from the episode based on “The Fisherman and His Wife”. It’s featured in the scenes where the Fisherman returns to the Magic Fish to ask for greater and greater wealth/power for his wife.

This is an episode that is currently in the Concept->Alpha phase. During this time an individual level designer will spend 6 weeks building the basic terrain, locking semi-tuned game play, placing all the major narrative scenes, and inserting 90% of the final art assets/sounds/particles/etc.

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  1. hello
    may i ask
    what does the word
    stand for ?
    in hebrew- it means – a HOUSE

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