Funky Fisherman

The image for today is… a Fisherman!

Grimm Fisherman

Again from the “Fisherman and his Wife” episode. This character is considered a central character – the actual Fisherman. Characters like this are used in “narrative scenes” throughout Grimm. Narrative scenes are what link together the story inside an episode. For something like “Fisherman” those might be, in order, a “Once upon a time…” scene, a “The Fisherman catches a magic Flounder…” scene, “Fisherman’s wife demands a castle…” scene, and so forth. These are anchor points to the episode and create a linear story thread from “Once upon a time…” to “The End”.

Inside a given episode there might be as few as six such scenes, but most episodes have over a dozen of them. These in-game scenes also serve to reinforce the “puppet theater” story telling aspect of the game. This is where the story for an episode is presented in “light” form (at the start of an episode) and once again in “dark” form (after Player and Grimm have darkened all the scenes).

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  1. hello. wouldnt it be better if ‘changed’
    people or animals would be thiner
    (not exactly the same),
    if they have pale skin, they should also be thiner..

    just a thouhgt, its easy for me to talk.. 😀

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