Alice Movie Update?

Over on SciFi Wire there’s a blurb about the Alice movie:

Gellar Passionate About Alice
Sarah Michelle Gellar told SCI FI Wire that she’s still passionate about developing Alice, a movie based on the computer game American McGee’s Alice, to which she owns the film rights. The game is based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

A lot of people are writing me, wanting to know what’s going on with the project. Truth is, I don’t know much more than the rest of you. And there are even a few details in this article that are news to me. The article makes it sound like Gellar now “owns” the Alice film rights – something I didn’t know. And there’s no mention the previous producer or writers. Has something big changed? Then again, the article describes “Alice” as a “1st-person-shooter” – so it might turn out that these are just misunderstandings.

In any case, I wish I could tell more – or do something more to help this thing move along. But Shanghai is a long way from Hollywood these days. And I’ve got “Grimm” to get finished with. Maybe we’ll get that made into a movie before Alice sees the light of day?

PS, It’s snowing in Shanghai today, so here’s a yeti to celebrate the occasion:


13 responses to “Alice Movie Update?”

  1. With all the Games to movies out there a lot of them turning out really bad from people I question if they even play games. Are you afraid that all your hard work that was made into the Alice game will be badly reflected on screen?

  2. Part of what made “Alice” the game good was a strong story. As long as the film people don’t dilute that story too much, then I think it should make the transition just fine.

  3. Wouldn’t you have the rights to the movie not Geller, it’s not her game. Oh well that was an awsome game, and if they do make a movie you should have a small part, or you should be the mad hatter. You could even narrate if they have a narrative voice in the movie.

  4. I’m sorry but droopy-eyed Sara Michelle Gellar (“Maybe she’s born with it.”) should never have even been thought of for the Alice role. I couldn’t stand her in Buffy and I would hate to see a beloved character such as Alice played by… well I leave that one alone. My vote of who should play Alice would be Rose McGowan or someone new. Even Dakota Fanning, anyone but Gellar should play the role.

  5. Sarah Michelle Gellar is the worst actress that could ever be picked for this role… I mean Buffy series are just plain stupid and all the fighting scenes are so lame, she is so fake at this, and she is and always will be a pretty girl who has nothing to to with anything creepy but to make it a joke… I dont mean she is a bad actress she’s been ok in many roles but let’s face it.. she is and always will be a girly girl for girly roles ment to be enjoyed by girls and perhaps one or two nerds… Pick someone who has darkenss in her blood instead… Christina Ricci would do just fine for example (too bad she is wasting herself in that stupid meteoro movie)… I will be soooo disapointed by her ruining such a brilliant character from American McGee… She will be just fine for the Walt Disney remake in 2010 though… …just a thought

  6. I would have to agree with judasmaster. Gellar does not have that sense of darkness that’s needed to play the role of Alice effectively. She doesn’t even have the right face, body type or voice to play the role. Someone like Christina Ricci, or Keira Knightley even, would do just fine. If you have any final say, PLEASE not Gellar. She’s not a bad actress, but she just doesn’t fit the part I don’t think.

  7. hey what up everyone well i respect all your guys opinion, but ummm i just want to throw this out there i know it might sound dum but what about Megan Fox, or Kate Beckinsale

  8. Hey im new but i know about this movie and for the role of Alice I dont think it should be Sarah she already played Buffy why not let other people audition equaly ><.but anyways im just throwing in an idea but it just drove me bananas

  9. I’m kind of annoyed that Tim Burton is making an Alice movie, but not this one. I mean, he would have been PERFECT! T.T Maybe he can be persuaded? *hope*

  10. to odinshire, i don’t think he would own the script/film rights. writers write the script and sell to highest bidders be it actors that wanna make the movie or studios. at least that’s what I’ve seen from watching entourage.

  11. >.< *sigh* I will wait even more patiently now… just… ugh I dunno. I think I may cry, not because of the Gellar thing, but because I want this movie to come out sooo bad.

  12. God damn it. So it really is true? Sarah Michelle Gellar is playing Alice? she’ll never pull it off. Not in a million years will she ever pull it off… She’s not going to have blond hair is she? This is depressing. I think Dakota Fanning would’ve been awesome for this role. I seen that New Moon trailer out of boredom, and Dakota Fanning would pull off a great Alice.

  13. ~ mentality ~ you are right, Christina Ricci would be great as Alice but not Kiera Knightly. Too old. As for Dakota Fanning… not sure about that choice.

    ~ .Amber. ~ There’s hope for the movie, and there’s hope the SMG WILL NOT play Alice. The Tim Burton version will re-spark the franchise I believe.

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