Evil Mushroom

Mushroom Tree

Been insanely busy around here. Trying to get some episodes of Grimm to “final” in the coming weeks. No real time to update the blog, or make additions to the concept art feed. But here’s an evil mushroom to keep you occupied:

Check out my flickr account for more stuff. I often put new images there even when I don’t have time to make a blog update.

5 responses to “Evil Mushroom”

  1. Just recently I picked up an older game that you made with EA games, Alice. I’m sure we all know it, and I’m truly ashamed to admit that I just recently got it, but it was amazing. I always assumed it would have been, but now I know for sure. You’re style is something I’m really drawn to in games, so congrats. I was wondering, though… Well, I want to start making games of my own, and me and a friend of mine have started making a document in the hope that one day we will have a game of our own. I was hoping you could give me some advice, from someone who has gone through it all already, to someone just starting to try. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  2. Did you actually consider the information that fairy tales usually convey, and that Grimm is twisting it? Did you consider putting in “hidden” meanings to certain fairy tales and their “twisting”? (I mean, of course, aside from the ones you are going to be putting in subconsciously anyway.)

  3. Hold on, that actually in the first sentence sounds a bit.. “I don’t believe you researched at all”-ish. Meant to remove it! (just like this post can be removed)

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