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Red Riding Hood - Graveyard

Screenshot from Red Riding Hood

Jeff Cork over at GameInformer has a nice preview of Grimm along with a quick Q&A session where myself and Ken Wong answer a few questions. A preview of the preview article:

Playing as a horrible little dwarf named Grimm, players run around a fairy-tale land and ruin everything in their wake. Wherever Grimm goes, plants die, buildings crumble and horrible things happen to children. (It’s going for a solid M, despite the candy-coated visuals.) The game was first described to us as being like Katamari Damacy in a sitcom format. After playing through the first episode, that description actually made sense. As he runs around areas, Grimm is blocked by gates. To open those gates, he has to create a specific amount of nastiness around him. As he essentially repaints levels by walking past things, the meter increases, eventually to the point where he can pass those pesky gates.

This morning I woke to find my inbox filled with the news of several very positive previews. It seems that across the gaming media Episode 1 is being played and receiving a warm response. I’ll admit, before I started reading these previews I was afraid the world might not accept this grumpy dwarf known as “Grimm” or his unique style of “make stuff dark” game play. I’m happy to see that my worries were unfounded. At least with the preview writers.

Next up: You, the audience!

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