In the Pixel, it’s the Bomb

Ox of Sad

he haz a sad

If you remember the Ars Technica article from June 13th, you’ll remember that they loved our artwork. In fact, one of the things that is setting Grimm apart from most other games is its uniquely stylized presentation. “It’s the Unreal 3 Engine, but you’d never know it from the style…” How many times have we heard that? Well, the upshot is that with E3 underway, Ars Technica visited our lovely name again in a gallery presentation of In the Pixel, an annual show of artwork from and for video games.

As though that weren’t enough (and this is a week late, but worth the mention),Giant Bomb gave us a happy mention in their weekly podcast of July 8th. They enjoyed saying the name “Spicy Horse” (and who doesn’t?), they found the game-play simple but engaging, and they really enjoyed how the objects in each scene morphed into their dark aspects instead of “blinking”. (We like that, too.) Each GiantBomb podcast is around two hours long, but worth the listen. If you just want to hear them talk about us, it starts at around 18 minutes or so and goes on for a few. (As yet another aside, GiantBomb.Com has a new format coming with a community-based review system for games, kind of like a wiki except much, much cooler. You’ll hear all about it in the podcast.)

Less than two week away is the launch. Do you know where your juggling pig is?

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