GameTap Adds THQ Titles

Cow Swing

“Swing, swing, suicidal steer.”

I read on Video Game News this morning that GameTap is adding a ton of cool new titles to their service – these coming from THQ. The article provides full details:

GameTap announced today the signing of a partnership with THQ. This deal will give the broadband entertainment network company access to THQ’s PC titles for digital download, with certain titles available for free play on GameTap’s ad-supported website. The titles included in this agreement include Company of Heroes, Supreme Commander, Titan Quest, Saints Row 2, PuzzleQuest and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

To read more about these exciting additions, head over the Video Game News.

GameTap’s quality, offering, and profile is certainly increasing day by day. And with only 6 days until the launch of Grimm, these could prove to be momentous times for the innovative service. As I’ve said before, I think gamers and game developers alike have many reasons to applaud and support digital download publishers like GT.

We here at Spicy Horse feel a huge amount of gratitude for GameTap (and Ricardo Sanchez in particular) for breathing life into our studio. The Grimm development has given us a chance to not only build a cool game, but to establish a first-class studio in China. Only a few more days… and we’ll see if all our hard work and creativity pays off. Hope you’ll join us in finding out. Be sure to check out the Spicy Horse Grimm Site and official GameTap Grimm Site for more information and news!


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