Grimm Episode 3 – “Fishwife”

Fish Wife - Platform Madness

“Platform Madness from the Fisherman!”

After a whole entire WEEK of waiting, Episode 3 is here at last! Amazing how that works, isn’t it? And, best of all, many new game play elements are featured in this episode. See how that works? Ask and you shall receive! “The Fisherman and his Wife” features power-ups, more challenging platform gameplay, and some pretty wicked dark transformations. It’s also one of my favorite “Grimm” tales so far – everyone gets what they deserve in the end!

Best of all, this Episode, like all the others, is FREE TO PLAY for the first 24 HOURS! So head over to GameTap and get it while it’s fresh! If you happen to miss the 24 hour free play window, you can always purchase the episode in stand-alone form, either from GameTap or other digital download portals.

Check out the Fisherman and his Wife Episode Page.
For those of you unable to access GameTap, you can buy Grimm episodes via alternate digital download site, such as Again, Grimm IS coming to other digital download site soon. Just a few more days!

Finally, a question for all the hardcore gamers and hardcore writers: Do you realize Grimm is a casual game? Despite the fact it was developed with UE3, it isn’t targeted at people who’ve been waiting for the next “Gears of War” or “Halo”. When you state it’s “nothing more” than an interactive story, I think, “well, yeah?” Our design focus was: #1 Narrative, #2 Art, #3 Gameplay. And that’s not to say gameplay is last – just not #1 (the “focus list” goes beyond #3).

Maybe that sounds “wrong” or at least odd? Well, maybe everything about Grimm is a little different or odd. That’s part of the point. Certain elements of the game are purposefully experimental. And the beauty of episodic is that we can listen to feedback and implement it in upcoming episodes. If you want to be critical of the game, go right ahead. But imagine for once that your criticism could be constructive. The game is still evolving. It isn’t locked in a box. You didn’t buy it off a shelf. And for the most part, you didn’t buy it at all. You have 24 hours to play it for FREE, comment on it, and maybe even make it better!

Do yourself and other gamers a favor: contribute something. It’s harder than destroying something – especially when you call yourself “destructoid”. And if destroying is all you’re about, and the act of destroying stuff IN Grimm isn’t appealing to you, then go back to fragging space aliens. We still have 20 episodes of innovating, experimenting, and evolving to do. I wouldn’t want you to wear yourself out – remember this is episodic, this is something different.

4 responses to “Grimm Episode 3 – “Fishwife””

  1. I enjoyed this episode a lot, though I found the last level to be slightly irritating. The poor spec of my machine means the game slows down the more the level goes dark, making the platform elements more difficult. This in of itself isn’t a complaint, so much as the bizaar difficulty curve. I can easily navigate to the edge of the boxes in the whirlpool, but keep missing the last jump. This spawns me back into the middle of the whirlpool and the boxes somehow seem harder to navigate and I end up having to restart the game just to get to be able to do it (once I restart it’s a walk in the park to get to the end of the boxes again). If I fail the first few times it should be getting subtly easier, not harder.

  2. Glad to hear you liked it! Sorry to hear it was slightly irritating. Did you try turning down some of the visual quality sliders in the Options Menu? This helps a lot on lower-end machines.

    As for the whirlpool – ironic that the thing the hardcore guys keep screaming about is exactly what drives the casual audience batty. Add more platforming! Platforming is too challenging! Ahhh!

    Anyway, did you try using the Pee Indicator? There’s actually a reason WHY Grimm is peeing all the time – it shows you where he’s going to land when he executes a jump. And it even works in a whacky level like the Whirlpool. Point it where you want to land, then click the jump button (without moving). Grimm should go where you want.

    I know the area you’re talking about, and I remember tuning that to be easier. You SHOULD be able to make the jump. Let me know how it goes.

  3. My wife and I have quite enjoyed playing grimm so far and look forward to the new episode each Thursday.

    We’ve generally been reading the Brother’s Grimm version of the tales before we play and this has made it even more fun.

    In general we’ve been fine with the content so far. We were both uncomfortable with the goal of the avatar being to defile the religious likeness in chapter 5 of week 3 and thus we turned it off.

    Sorry, I usually wouldn’t post something like this, but after reading your blog post asking for comments I thought I’d let you know how we felt about it.

    Don’t worry, we’re still looking forward to more episodes and hoping they’ll stay friendly to all.

  4. JarenP, Thanks for the comments.

    Regarding the religious content contained in this episode – it was difficult to avoid, as the story itself revolves around a central character who asks to be pope, and then God.

    Still, we didn’t actively “defile” anything – even though you may “buttstomp” a religious statue, the intent isn’t to insult any religion, either through Grimm’s actions or dialog.

    And, if you do manage to play through to the end, you’ll see Grimm has reason to maintain a healthy respect for God, as should other characters, a theme that runs through many episodes of the game.

    Truth is, whatever your religious standing, God, the devil, and other heavenly creatures play a very large role in the tales collected by the Brothers Grimm. Grimm, being as obsessed as he is with right and wrong, justice, and just desserts, interacts with the “ultimate judge” quite a lot.

    As such it makes sense that he respect their place in the cosmos.

    Hope you enjoy the coming episodes!

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