Grimm Episode 6 – “Godfather Death”


Dogfather Death

Grimm episodes just keep coming! Another week, another episode. This week, Episode 6, “Godfather Death”. This happens to be one of my favorite episodes. It features a solid and amusing story, great character interaction, some awesome game play, and really cool visual effects. Also, you can turn nuns into demons – what’s better than that!?

Be sure to check it “Godfather Death” over on GameTap in the first 24 hours after release, because well, you know, it’s FREE! Seriously, what beats turning nuns into demons for FREE? How about doing all that and then watching them push their own nunnery into a lake of lava? Mmmm… Lava. You can check out “Godfather Death” on Gametap by following this LINK.

When you’ve played the episode be sure to let us know what you think. You can comment here on my blog, visit the forums on or head over to the forums on GameTap.

Next week – “The Devil and his Three Golden Hairs”!

UPDATE: Big Download and IGN have both already posted their reviews of Godfather Death. They’re both really positive in their own way (Jimmy seems to be enjoying this one despite himself, poor thing). Here’s some of what they have to say:

David Craddock @ Big Download: “Personally, however, I found Godfather Death’s seven levels to be among the most unique featured in the series yet. God’s domain, a place of green pastures and frolicking do-gooders, becomes ravaged by lightning bolts hurled by the big man after Grimm’s diseased presence invokes His fury at not being chosen by the father. Animals, humans, and the land alike are struck by God’s sizzling vengeance as the sky becomes dark and wrathful, birds burst into flame and fall to the ground, and God’s cheeks blush red with rage.

Jimmy Thang @ IGN: “I‘m glad to say that this episode is arguably the best in the series so far. New weather effects, like snow, have been added and it offers a cool, visual dynamic. This episode also has some really cool light-to-dark transformations. Cactuses will split open to reveal decapitated human heads within. One level has you butt stomping nuns to turn them into flying demons. In the level where you encounter God, after you stink up enough area, God will be enraged and rain down lightning bolts down from the sky to wipe out some of the enemies who clean up after your mess.

Yep, Grimm just keeps getting better. At this rate, by the time we get to episode 24, we should be getting scores of 10!

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  1. Great episode, it’s the best one so far. The nuns pushing the church, the plague in the castle, and the underworld all made this installment really memorable.
    Great job! 😀

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