The Grimm End is Near

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The Grimm End is Near

Well folks, after 2 amazing years of innovative and exciting development, Grimm production is wrapping up. To celebrate, we’ll be hosting a Grimm “wrap party” at Spicy Horse, this Friday the 13th of March (appropriate, no?). If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by to enjoy pizza, drinks, and some Grimm-themed games (who can pee the furthest, make it stinkiest, etc).

Approaching this milestone in Grimm development fills me with a bizarre mixture of emotions. It’s always good to see a development through, finish it knowing all milestones were met, schedules kept, and a good game (or episodes) were delivered. Grimm is no exception. Grimm also brought with it the creation of a new studio in Shanghai, the building of a tremendously capable team, and the evolution of a beautiful company culture. We learned a ton, took some knocks, delivered some interesting content, and came out the other side – with a cool new project to show for it!

I’m really proud of Grimm. I’m even more proud of the team that built Grimm. Every person who contributed to the project deserves to be applauded for how they made the product (and the studio) into what it is today. Awesome work!

There are still a few new episodes yet to come. Be sure to check them out over on Gametap – some really fun stuff coming up!

5 responses to “The Grimm End is Near”

  1. I was excited about Alice till found out made in China.Lame.It’s going to be stupid I bet.Western story with lame Eastern BS in bedded.

  2. You think it will be stupid because it’s made in China? Do you think the story, game play, or art might have anything to do with it being stupid or not? And why would we “inbed” (the word you want is embed, BTW) “eastern BS” in a Victorian fairy tale? Are you aware of the links between Victorian culture and Eastern (specifically Japanese and Chinese) culture and how those links influenced art, writing, and stage during that era? Read some history. Or just in general.

  3. Will Grimm come out in a big boxed set? I played it on GameTap, but I’d like to own discs.

    Grimm was awesome. It’s a bit like a cross between my highschool’s “how fairy tales were before they were dumbed down for kids” class & for some reason It also reminds me a bit of watching the Beetlejuice cartoons in the 90s.

    You’ll always be my video game equivelent of Tim Burton ^_^

    Faeyth, Alice will be awesome no matter what!

    Ever since the announcement came out, the AMA fanart on Deviant Art has trippled, & it was already plentiful to begin with.

  4. Faeyth:
    I don’t agree with you.
    I bet you would change your mind if you play the game “Grimm”, which is based on the western stories.
    Chinese have a lot of creativity you can’t count.
    Please trust Mr. American, please trust Spicyhorse.

  5. Hi, American!

    I’m currently working on a huge multimedia Alice production in Detroit, as the costumer and the voice of Alice, that’s partially inspired by your take on the story. It’s called “Wonderland” [how original, hah!] and it’s a vaudeville burlesque show with all original music [including some that I wrote], burlesque, suspension artists, aerial work, breakdancing, and various other INSANE things, including a gigantic storybook with a projector screen for pages as the main set piece.

    There’s going to be a DVD of the production eventually, and I just though you would think it was neat.

    Love always,
    Hayley Jane

    P.S. faeyth, you just got BURNED!

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