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Flour Mill

Today Spicy Horse begins its first day in the new office. The old Flour Mill on Suzhou Creek is the 5th location Spicy has called home since it was started over 2 years ago. Back at the start, myself and Ken Wong made a “office” from our base of operations on Lamma Island – just off the main island of Hong Kong. We then moved to Shanghai – sharing space with other companies inside an “incubation center” on YuYuan Lu. Then to a bigger shared space on Wuyi Lu, and then to our first “solo” space on YanAn Lu.

The new office is inside a cool old warehouse complex in the heart of Shanghai. The buildings here have seen a tremendous amount of history. They were built around 1900 and have housed everything from flour milling operations (hence the name), to resistance fighters, and pirate/smugglers!

Our team will be focusing its efforts not on flour or piracy (although the latter sounds fun!) but on development of games. This move, our recent growth, and the new Alice project, will help to establish Spicy as one of the biggest foreign, independent game development studios in China.

I’ll post some more news from the new studio – lots of big milestones on the way…


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  1. Congratulations.
    There will be a big growth from this milestone.
    New office is beautiful and great! And does there have some ghosts of heinous pirates?

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