Month: May 2009

  • American on Twitter

    You can now follow me on twitter: I’ll be sending updates on Alice 2 development and general happenings at Spicy Horse and in Shanghai.

  • Underlying and Invisible

    I’m convinced that someone, somewhere, will eventually come out with a game wrapped in a package that is “pure” in terms of art, presentation, interface – something that boils down the essence of what makes a game a game.

  • Online Gaming in China

    US-China Today has an interesting article discussing online gaming in China.

  • Hiring – Three for Art

    Alice in the Swimming Pond Spicy Horse internal headcount broke the 50 mark a few weeks back. As we approach 60 we’re looking for three very special people to fill three very special roles at the studio. These openings are at our Shanghai-based studio – so being hired means living/working in China. Read on if…