Shanghai is Awesome

IFC Shanghai (street view)

Shanghai is Awsome

Since starting the Alice 2 project things have been pretty quiet around here – mostly because it’s not possible to reveal many of the things going on with the development. I can say it’s coming along nicely and everyone involved is happy and healthy. Meanwhile, life in Shanghai continues…

Since moving here 3 years ago (and my first visit 4+ years ago) I’ve witnessed the city undergo a massive and awe inspiring transformation. Much of the progress in Shanghai is due to the upcoming 2010 World Expo (a similar push was seen in Beijing prior to the 2008 Olympics).

Every street, building, highway, lamp post, power line, overpass, public area, sidewalk, park, creek, river, historic building and other exterior face of the city has been either cleaned, restored, improved or removed for a (usually) better replacement. Shanghai is now on its way to being one of the world’s best (and biggest) cities. My visit to the Shanghai IFC today served to remind me of that fact – something it’s easy to become numb to when the effects are so massive and pervasive.

You can check out some of my photos from the visit HERE.

And hey, if you’ve ever thought of visiting Shanghai – there’s never been a better time.

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  1. Living in Shanghai as well, it’s nice to read your perspective. Most laowais become fairly pessimistic after having been here for a while, huh?
    Before coming to Shanghai in August, I lived in a small place in Guangxi Province. Still adjusting to the big city life, but hey, Guilin’s Karsts are just a mere 300 rmb/24 hour train ride away…
    Good luck with your new projects and 麻辣马

  2. Funny enough: I went on the tube today with nothing specific in mind, just wanted to spend this grey weekend exploring some areas I hadn’t been before. So this afternoon I went to Xinzha Lu, just 4 stops south and took a stroll along the river. After a while, I found some really cool quarters and small alleyways that reminded me of other places in China I’d been before, more traditional places, poorer places. – where people actually still have their chicken running on the street. And as I walked through one of those alleys – bam! – there’s the Spicy Horse office. Awesome location. Central, yet beautiful.

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